Boy Meets Dog In The Street – No One Expected What Happened Next

A boy named Tom is a special child. Ever since he was little, dogs have been his greatest passion. It became apparent when he was just 2 years old. He could pretend to be a dog for days. He often growled and barked and sometimes moved around the house on all fours.

When he was outside, every dog he came across caught his attention and he wanted to play with each one. It quickly became clear that a puppy was bound to appear in their home.

And that’s what finally happened: his parents brought in a female dog named Lynn. Tom was on cloud nine.

This little boy was sitting quietly down on the curb out in the street when suddenly a giant dog walked across him. He was a little surprised and started screaming as loud as he could!

What could have been the reason for his Screaming and surprise? See below
“>Click here to watch the video

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