A Woman Who Married A Ragdoll Says Life With Kids Is Complicated

Finding love can take various forms, and for Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil, it took a rather unconventional turn. She gained global attention for marrying Marcelo, a life-sized rag doll. The couple is now known to have three children – a 1-year-old son named Marcelinho and twin girls, Marcela and Emilia, who are 1 month old.

Meirivone shares her family life on TikTok, emphasizing that their routine is similar to that of any other mother and wife. She mentions dividing parenting tasks equally between herself and Marcelo, who, in her narrative, contributes by contemplating how to manage the family’s finances.

However, the couple’s journey has not been without its share of difficulties. Meirivone disclosed an incident in June 2023 where she accused Marcelo of cheating, leading to consequences. Despite these challenges, the family continues to navigate life together.

The story concludes by mentioning an incident in February 2023 when their child Marcelinho was taken, and a $200 ransom was demanded. Fortunately, Marcelinho has since been reunited with the family.

The unique narrative of Meirivone and Marcelo showcases the unconventional path they have chosen and the challenges they face in their pursuit of a fulfilling family life.


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