This 4-year-old gives “advice” to his baby brother about their grandma, and it’s so funny, you can’t help but laugh…

Older siblings evoke a myriad of emotions. They may occasionally tease their younger counterparts, yet stand as protectors in times of need.

Overall, they never miss an opportunity to express the love they hold for their siblings and can be exceptionally defensive.

Life’s most profound lessons often come from these elder brothers, and their proximity in age provides parents with a sense of reassurance. Anyone who grew up with an older brother will find resonance with the endearing young boy featured in this video.

Meet Ari, a four-year-old whose connection with Finn, while not a blood relationship, mirrors the strength of a sibling bond. In the absence of their mother, Kristina, Ari assumes the role he knows well. Initiating a heartwarming “man-to-man” talk, Ari imparts brotherly advice to Finn, drawing from his four years of life experience.

Ari begins by assuring Finn that parents will often say no, but there’s always the unwavering support of their grandmother. With a touch of humor, Ari drops a surprising piece of advice: one day, Finn will be responsible for wiping his own bottom. Judging by Finn’s shocked expression, the revelation is both amusing and eye-opening.Ari continues his sagacious counsel, expressing disdain for adult-style baby talk and urging Finn not to oversleep, lest he miss out on exciting moments. Unbeknownst to Ari, as he grows older, he may come to appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep.

The advice session concludes with a heartwarming declaration: Finn can rely on Ari for anything. Ari emphasizes that, blood-related or not, they are brothers. This touching moment resonates with viewers as Finn finds a dependable companion in Ari, illustrating the profound impact an older brother figure can have in one’s life.

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