11-year-old dies because of online trend – now family is warning others about the household item that took his life

Social networking can occasionally be a dangerous place to be.

Tommie-Lee Billington, 11, passed away following the completion of a well-liked TikTok challenge.

The child from Lancaster, England, was attending a sleepover at a friend’s house on Saturday when they decided to try the challenge after seeing it on the TikTok app. Tommie lost his life when the TikTok mania went horribly wrong.

Inhaling hazardous gasses or liquids that produce a high is the problem. Spray deodorant, glue, and dry shampoo are a few examples.

Tommie died instantly from cardiac arrest the moment he ingested the gas.

The hospital made every effort to revive him, but to no avail. His grandmother Tina Burns remarked, “He was gone.”

Like his father, he had a golden heart. Our family is completely heartbroken.

Tommie’s mother Sherri pleaded with parents not to allow their children to use this social media app, saying it cost her son’s life.

“My son tried something that other youngsters were doing, and it cost him his life. Please discuss the repercussions of this with your kids. I don’t see why someone would even attempt this! It’s really risky!” the distraught mother wrote on Facebook.

“I’ve never experienced such agony.” My tornado. I adore you so much, my friend. My little boy. I shall cherish you always in my heart. She wrote in her post, which moved many people to tears, “I will do everything in my power to ensure that your name and your lovely face become the reason that other children’s lives will be saved and other families don’t have to suffer this deep, deep hurt.”

This specific difficulty has resulted in other terrible incidents as well. Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old girl, also passed away tragically in this way.

Peace be with you, Tommie.

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